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Jose Cuervo, the #1 selling tequila in the world, was launching their oldest tequila in America through a 26-market tour, and made sure to make Austin a stop along their journey. The Electric Company had just produced the ultra successful and buzz-worthy Seaholm Power Plant events of SXSW 2011, and MKTG, Inc. and Diageo took notice.

The companies teamed together to tackle onsite aspects of this event - from production to promotion to nitty gritty TABC regulations - and executed the 400 attendee Dia de Los Muertos inspired Jose Cuervo Tradicional Subterraneo. Enhanced with 10-foot skeleton stilt walkers, a glow-in-the-dark choreographed dance performance, and tasty tequila cocktails, this event made a lasting impression with the expert tequila influencers of Central Texas.

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